Pharmacist, Dispensers & Receptionists


Jennifer Greenbank

Our Pharmacist is responsible for ensuring that you are getting the maximum benefit from the medication we prescribe. Our pharmacist is also able to see patients for their medication review, so please state this to our reception team if this is what you need to be seen for.


Lindsey Beswick – Dispensary Manager
Jasmine Mortimer – Dispenser
Claire Retchless – Dispenser (Receptionist)
Keighley Greiff – Dispensary Assistant

Our dispensary staff are responsible for the ordering and stock control of medicines and for making up the prescriptions for those patients who live in the rural parts of the practice area and for whom we dispense all necessary medicines.


Nicola Pyle – Reception Manager
Kay Wallace
Jane Parker – Receptionist (Secretary)
Lisa Kerr
Susan Oliver
Rebecca Skyers
Julie Walker
Margaret Wright
Claire Retchless – Receptionist (Dispenser)

Our reception staff provide the first point of contact for patients either on the telephone or in person at the surgery.