Services Available

Updated 12th January, 2018

Services covered by NHS

– Antenatal Clinic
– Asthma and Spirometry Checks
– Blood Pressure
– Cervical Smears
– Child Development
– Contraceptive Services
– Diabetic Clinic
– Family Planning
– Foreign Travel
– Ear Syringing
– Immunisations / Vaccinations
– Minor Injuries
– Minor Operations
– NHS Health Checks
– Physiotherapy
– Smokers
– INR Clinics (Warfarin)
– Wart Treatment (as of 31st July, we no longer provide a wart treatment service, for more information please click here)

**Please note that you are now able to self refer in to the north yorkshire county council weight management service. For more information, please follow this link:

For additional information about each of the services stated above please click here.

Services not covered by NHS

Certain fees are payable in respect of some services which are not covered by the NHS. Further information can be obtained from the reception. When requesting an appointment for special examinations please tell the receptionist so that sufficient time can be allocated for your appointment.

Medical forms that require completion by a doctor are also not covered by the NHS and a fee is payable. The receptionist will advise you when your completed form will be available for collection and the fee applied.

(If laboratory tests and/or X-ray examination is required, then further charge(s) will be levied)

– Private Medical Report100.00
– Full Medical with Examination135.00
– Aviation / Pilot Medical200.00
– Adoption MedicalPayment via social services
*The above fees are advisory and are subject to change dependent upon the extensive nature of the examination.
Form / Letters
– Counter-Signing Photograph (e.g. Firearms / Driving License etc.)30.00(V)
– Letters (Confirming Attendance / Private Sick Note / To Whom it may Concern / School)30.00(V)
– Shotgun40.00
– Private Sick Note (i.e. first 7 days of sickness)30.00(V)
– Holiday Cancellation Forms30.00 – 50.00(V) (depending on complexity)
– Power of Attorney – In Surgery – 100.00(V)
– At Home – 150.00(V)
Insurance Reports
– GP report for medical insurance (BUPA etc.)104.00(V)
– GP insurance supplementary reports including claim forms27.00
– Copies / extract from records for insurance, employment or legal reports60.00
Other Reports
– Written report (approx. 20mins time to write)94.15
– Report on pro-forma61.90
Private Vaccinations
– Consultation and admin’ fee20.00
– Yellow Fever Vaccination80.00
– Yellow Fever Duplicate Certificate10.00
– Hepatitis B Vaccination for travel or occupation purposes:£40 per single course or
£105 for course of 3.
– Japanese B Encephalitis196.00
– Rabies Booster55.00 per single course or;

110.00 for course of 2 or;

165.00 for course of 3.
– Meningitis ACWY65.00
All vaccinations available on the NHS have no charge for vaccination or admin’ fee.
The above vaccinations are offered to those who are travelling to areas deemed ‘high risk’.
Medical Records
– Print out of test result00.50 per sheet printed
Fees for patients who require a copy of records
– Computer Print-Out of Records50.00
– Copies of health records held on computer10.00
– Copies of health records held on both computer and paper50.00
– Copies of health records held in paper50.00
Fees to access records where no copy is required
– Online, Manual or Mixed Records10.00
Fees for safeguarding reports and conferences
– GPs can charge for completion of reports and attendance to safeguarding conferencesSee social services fee list
Fees for police reports
– Medical records copy for police50.00

Free for them to view records if agreed by the practice but unable to have a copy.
– Initial checking of records40.00
– Subsequent report / letter94.15
DVLA Reports
– VOC2 Form12.50
– GP Examination85.00
– GP Series 240.00
Cremation Forms
– Cremation Form82.00
Please note: those prices followed by (V) are inclusive of VAT at 20%.
This is not an exhaustive list and fees are subject to change.
All services stated above with the exception of the Yellow Fever Vaccination are available to practice registered patients only.