Information Sharing

Care.Data. – An important change planned by NHS England for 2014.
In 2014 NHS England will be extracting medical information from all GP computer systems to help with planning. We are legally obliged to allow this and cannot block it. Individual patients can instruct us to exclude their information from this mass extraction. They are sending a leaflet about it to all households in the New Year. Please click this link to visit the NHS website on for more information. Early in 2014 it was announced that the introduction of this system would be delayed for further consultation.

Information sharing to help your personal care.

There are two systems in operation where your records held at the practice can be used in your healthcare elsewhere.

Summary care record – An NHS wide system where information about your medication and allergies held at the practice are uploaded to a central NHS database and can be accessed by health professionals elsewhere in the health service with your permission. You can instruct us to record that you do not want your information used in this way. Please click on this link to visit NHS summary record for more information.

Enhanced Data Sharing Model – If you are being looked after by another health care provider who uses the same medical software as us, SystmOne, you can give permission for that provider to share their information with us, or for us to share our information with them. Unlike the previous two systems you have to opt in to this and it will not happen without you being asked when you attend the surgery or the other provider. Click this link for more information Patient Guide on eDSM.