Opt In/Out of Receiving Mobile Phone Text (SMS) Messages

What will you receive Mobile Phone Text (SMS) Messages for?

The use of SMS messages will mainly be used for appointment reminders. We will also be using this service for chronic disease recall reminders, this would only be after an initial letter, detailing all that is required to successfully carry out the appointment, has been sent to the address we have on record for appropriate patients.

Opting In

If you would like to receive SMS appointment/recall reminders, please ensure we have an up-to-date mobile number on your records. Please note – it is your responsibility to ensure your mobile number remains up to date.

Opting Out

If you would prefer not to receive SMS appointment/recall reminders, please inform one of the reception staff of this preference and we will ensure this is recorded.


If you prefer to use our online service, you can also record this information through SystmOnline under the ‘Online Account Management’ -> ‘Change Contact Details’ section

How to change your SMS preferences through SystmOnline

(Please ask at reception if you would like to sign up for SystmOnline to manage your appointments, request medication and access your medical records online)

**Preferences can easily be changed if you decide you do/don’t wish to receive SMS messages.