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Public told to take three steps before visiting GP

Published on Croner for Medical Protection (https://mp.croneri.co.uk)

Public told to take three steps before visiting GP

3 January 2018

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has advised the public to take three steps to solve a health problem before seeing their GP this winter.

RCGP Chairwoman Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard urged patients to adopt the “three before GP” mantra, whereby they should see if they can sort it themselves, see a pharmacist or use a reputable online source of information before making an appointment.

She said: “We’re just asking people to stop and think, when you reach for the phone to book a GP appointment think: Can I do this myself? Do I need some online help? Could a pharmacist help me?”

She told the BBC Radio 4’s The World At One that GPs “really feel the pinch” over winter due to demand and if just 5% of people did not visit their GP, 50,000 appointments would be saved. She said: “We don’t have enough GPs. The workload has gone up inexorably because of an ageing population with multiple long-term conditions.”

A practising GP herself, she told the BBC that people had been visiting her surgery with indigestion over the festive period. She added: “That’s the sort of thing where a pharmacist could easily signpost them to a range of medications.” Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard recommended NHS Choices as a reputable online source, suggesting the site contained “helpful, sensible advice that’s up-todate, written by doctors and nurses for patients.”

She said the NHS spends a lot of money on the NHS Choices website for very good reason but added: “We’re not suggesting for a moment that people shouldn’t be seeing their GPs if they need to; that’s what we’re there for. Today over a million people will be seeing a GP around the UK.”

An NHS England spokesman responded saying more GPs are needed and newlyqualified doctors were choosing GP training at near-record levels but this was being partly offset by early retirements so the NHS was also stepping up international recruitment.

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